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Orthodontic Treatment: Things to Consider If You Move

If you’re in the middle of having your teeth braced and need to move, you may also need to leave your current orthodontist and find a new one who can continue your treatment closer to your new home. While this shouldn’t pose any problems in the long-term, you can make this process easier with a little planning. What do you need to do before you choose a new orthodontist?

Think About Travel Distance

If you aren’t moving too far away from your current home, you may want to consider sticking with your current orthodontist, especially if you are close to the end of your treatment plan. Bear in mind that you don’t need to see your orthodontist all that often so you won’t have too many long trips.

If you can make these trips in an hour or so, you may prefer to finish your treatment with the orthodontist who …

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Diabetes and Charcot Foot: What It Is (and Why You Want to Avoid It)

To be diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes is to recognise is that you have a condition that will require monitoring for the rest of your life. The condition can be perfectly manageable, just as long as you follow your doctor’s advice with regards to any dietary and exercise recommendations, as well as with any medication that might be required. You will be told about the complications that can arise as a result of diabetes, and perhaps one of the most serious complications is neuropathic arthropathy, which is also known as Charcot foot. This can affect your mobility if it’s not recognised and treated. So what exactly are the warning signs for Charcot foot? And how can it be treated?

The Nerves in Your Feet

A continually elevated blood sugar level can damage nerve fibres throughout your body. This is most pronounced in your extremities, namely your hands …

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